E land ~ total sound*


Saturday 25th Feb ~ 2.30pm - 5pm ~ Iklectik, SE1 7LG

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A sonic exploration on the personal, contextual and relational; embodied aspects of sound. Understanding sound as an ever evolving, multidimensional reality. Growing from D/deaf and neuroqueer people and those with whom this resonates. 

Involving -


  • Deaf Rave

  • Susanna Dye, Gerald Curtis & Martin Swan

  • IndoorGobin

  • Katherine Smith and I.Nakhla 

  • Derek Williams 

  • Jané Mackenzie 

A  few low income tickets available here

Accessibility - 

Full address - Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Ln, SE1 7LG

Wheelchair accessible venue/bathrooms

BSL interpretation and/or captions for relevant performances 

Woojer vests connect to the music allowing you to feel the beats (priority to Deaf guests) 

There is no chill out or quiet space but there is seating outside

The room will be set up with some seats and tables and space to move

Ear defenders will be available  

Some aspects will be interactive (optional)

Any questions please email - elandworkshop@gmail.com 

* Drawing on ideas in relation to ‘Total Communication’ as explained by Project Art Works as “artists work[ing] together in purposeful collaboration using total communication. Gesture, sound, signing and empathy allow for more expansive and freeing forms of connection.” 

*Neuroqueer is a verb: is an action, a doing word- rooted in the practice of queering (that is: subverting, disrupting, defying, liberating oneself from) from normativity and is necessarily intersectional in nature. This concept has grown out of the critical neurodiversity studies* that centers exploration of neurodivergent culture, ways of being, seeing, knowing and engaging in/with-the-world- that disrupt and challenge the normative ideal.

The term was coined by Athena Lynn Michaels-Dillon and Nick Walker.

Text from www.queerundefined.com/search/neuroqueer /// https://neuroqueer.com/neuroqueer-an-introduction/